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Dracones Thaniel Releases April 20th!!!

For all who have been waiting, I am very excited to tell you that Dracones Thaniel will be released on April 20th!  

Editor is enjoying Thaniel, Sami’s interview was a hit….

Happy Thursday! My editor messaged me the other day and said she was really enjoying Dracones Thaniel, which I am thrilled about! Maybe because he was the underdog, but while all my characters hold special places in my heart, he was particularly special, and I am hoping everyone loves his story. I attached Sami’s interview…

Sami’s interview in Feb 14th Newsletter!

I has a blast interviewing Sami recently. I wanted to start doing character interviews for a while, but with everyone in my head, fighting to have their story told, and a new story line of Young Adult characters clamoring to be heard, I needed a bit of a push, to get started on interviews! So,…

Happy 2017!

Happy 2017! Hi everyone, so sorry, I’ve been slacking at keeping up with my blog posts. Christmas is a busy time here. Hubby and my oldest, AJ’s birthdays are on the 21st of Dec. Then, on Christmas day, my dad fell and broke his hip and arm. Now, he’s re-learning to walk. Hopefully in 2…

Wonderful Party and launch of bk3!

Hi everyone! November 8th was the Launch of bk3, Dracones betrayed. Thanks to Lela Eder PA, who put on a fantastic release Party, along with all the wonderful authors, friends and fans who joined us, it was great! Barbara Shuler also helped get the word out via her blog and many others, thanks so much…

I’ve been featured on ebookdaily!! :)

Oct 26th, Exciting news!

Hello everyone! I have some exciting news! My cover is in for book 3, Dracones betrayed!! Yay! And, I sent out my first ever newsletter with a cover reveal, lol! I have also set a release date of November 8th for bk3 and will be having a Release party and Thunderclap to launch it! Everyone…

Oct 17th~ Update! Many exciting things happening these days!

Make sure you enter the contest below! First, my books have been brought into our local library, saw them there the other day. Plus, I recently got them into Coles bookstore in Nelson and Cranbrook! A good friend of mine and fellow author, Cherine Klassen, was up in Nelson the other day and took a…

Sept 19th, 2017 Book 3 releases in October

Just a little update. Book 3, Dracones betrayed, the second half of Sami’s story is presently with the editor. I should also have the cover very soon and will do a cover reveal! 🙂 I plan to release it in Oct and then if all goes well, will release book 4, Thaniel’s book in 2017.

Release Day Today!!

I am very excited to announce that book 2, Dracones revelations in the Dracones Series has released today, June 21st, 2016! This is Sami’s journey and it is available on Amazon in both paperback and digital copy.