Read what others are saying about the Dracones … …I loved this book! Honestly I was surprised at how the story captured me. So many emotions and thrills! Intensity off the charts! Non stop action! Amazing heroine! Crazy deranged evil villains! Mystery and suspense! Incredible unconditional love! Seriously, what else could a reader want? ~Amanda Hammond …It’s a hurricane blowing through your mind…leaves you windblown, mind blown and in a state of…holy hell I need the next book now!~Barbara Shuler …OMG, I thought the first book was fantastic, this one is over the top! Sami is riddled with guilt for the suffering his father caused his brother and his not being able to help. At least he killed the man, or did he? He met his soul mate, had passionate sex with the Phoenix, but Hellfire wants no part of him and leaves him broken…What a rollercoaster of emotions. I cried, felt joy, got angry, then cried again. I said this new author was going to be great and she didn’t disappoint. ~Ana-Spanish Lady. …After Awakening, there was no way I could love the characters or the story more. I, however, was so wrong….The story was fantastic and Sheri-Lynn’s writing is concise and fluid. ~Lela’s Blurbles. …I am so addicted to this series. Sheri-Lynn has brought a whole new world to life. She’s changed the way I picture several different supernatural species. The characters are vibrant and bold. The writing is amazing and the story line is easy to follow but, not so easy that it gets boring. I love how with each book she expands on the world she’s creating. ~Mindy. …I’ve figured out, this series of books are not just about adventure or shifters. This series is about painful childhoods, stories about abuse, loss, fear and these strong people making it though. How even when there is no reason, love can break you and love can save you. For people who have lived through the hell, these books are dreams come to life in pages. ~ Lisa Ward. …Pour Thaniel my heart breaks for him. This book hit all of my emotions. There are a few funny parts (Genna my Fav), there is a lot of sad, parts that mad me so made I wanted to rip heads off, and most of all there was happiness. There is a twist that I didn’t see coming just as Thaniel realizes that he is loved no matter what happens. ~ Arvada Walker. …Like any good fine wine, Dracones: Rogue was sweet to the senses. Each book in the series gets better and better as you read them. When I first started the series, I was not sure I would have loved it as there was so much action, so many characters, I was not sure I would follow. But I am happy to say that even after 5 books, I can still follow the action and all of their loving characters. Many of them have stories we can relate to, each of them have their own voice and it is easy to get swept into the action, having us vote for the good guys who live in this crazy world. ~ Sandra Hould. …Wow! “Dracones Rogue” is fan-freaking-tastic! 😀 Ms. Marean knows how to raise the bar on every new book she pens! Straight out of the gate & beyond the winning horn blast, this fast paced PNR action adventure romantic suspense must read will take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride you won’t forget! … Another unique storyline, great attention-to-detail & always well defined characters that are relatable, and will engage all readers! … I was blown away and glued to my seat turning pages, not wanting to put it down! ~ Deb_Loves2read. …This was Epic….I Loved it… 5 Stars So so good, a truly unique and imaginative book. I’ve been waiting for Soroyan’s story..Yes. ~Sharon Richmond.