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…I loved this book! Honestly I was surprised at how the story captured me. So many emotions and thrills! Intensity off the charts! Non stop action! Amazing heroine! Crazy deranged evil villains! Mystery and suspense! Incredible unconditional love! Seriously, what else could a reader want? 

Amanda Hammond

…It’s a hurricane blowing through your mind…leaves you windblown, mind blown and in a state of…holy hell I need the next book now!

Barbara Shuler

Dracones Awakening is book 1 in the heart pounding, heartbreaking, action packed, paranormal romance series, Dracones. Sheri-Lynn Marean writes a story that has you always reaching for the next book. Thinking, “WOW” !!! “MORE”

Helen Callahan

What a natural talent. I have to say, I’ve read a lot of great books in my time but I think this author is gonna be at the top of my MUST READ list! I loved this whole world and the characters. There are some that I love to hate! The enemy. While I love Jax, there were times I wanted to choke him and tell him to wake up! But it all makes sense in the end why he is like he is. All I can say is WOW! And when is the next read?

Lisa B.

…I am so addicted to this series. Sheri-Lynn has brought a whole new world to life. She’s changed the way I picture several different supernatural species. The characters are vibrant and bold. The writing is amazing and the story line is easy to follow but, not so easy that it gets boring. I love how with each book she expands on the world she’s creating.