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Sheri M-15

Would you run from the sight of a dragon, or try to take it home?

I’d be the one trying to bring it home. 🙂

I never imagined I’d ever be an author… I grew up in Calgary Alberta Canada, riding & working with racehorses and drawing and selling my artwork. Photography has always been a passion as well.

I learned early that I had to work hard for what I wanted. At eleven I dreamed of owning a horse. My dad told me that when I had the money, I could get one. So I babysat after school for a year and bought my first horse. I continued to babysit to pay for board, feed, farrier & vet bills. Working for what you want has been a valuable lesson and one my hubby and I have taught our children as well.

I went from working with racehorses, to door to door sales, and moved around quite a bit before settling in British Columbia, Canada. With a smart-ass hubby, three amazing kids who are just as smart, and pets who own us, I get my inspiration from many places, though TV, Movies and my fav authors and their characters also inspire me.

I fell in love with reading at age twelve when I read The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley and always have a book on hand. But in 2008 I read a book with an ending that annoyed me. That was the catalyst that pushed me to write my own book with my own characters, doing what I wanted them to do. Vampires and Were-wolves were big, and while I love them, I also love dragons. At the time, I’d never heard of dragon shifter books. I came up with immortals who change into dragons in their 21st year, if the survive the transformation.

But life with young kids was super busy and it wasn’t until 2016 that I finally published my first book; Dracones Awakening, after a few re-writes, one of which was changing it from young adult to paranormal romance. Looking back, I realize my love of writing actually started with a high school essay. it was a short piece on racing my horse Jesse around a racetrack under a starry sky with the full moon reflecting off the pond in the infield while stars twinkled high above. The air was crisp and the sound of my horse’s hooves thundered in my ears while the night breeze whipped my hair about my face.

As of 2022 I have 17 published stories created with deep, complex characters and rich vibrant worlds that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

Besides being an author and artist, I’m a graphic designer. I create my own covers as well as covers for other authors:  https://www.slmcreations-premadebookcovers.com/

I haven’t hand drawn much in the last few years since I got serious about my writing and graphic art, but I did do up some pictures a few years ago of my Characters.

Down the road from where I live.

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