About Sheri-Lynn

Sheri M-15

So who wants a sexy hot dragon? Me, please!

I never imagined I’d ever be an author… I grew up in Calgary Alberta, Canada, riding & working with racehorses, and drawing and selling animal artwork. Photography has always been a passion as well.

I learned early that I had to work hard for what I wanted. At eleven I dreamed of owning a horse. My dad told me that when I had the money, I could get one. So I babysat after school for a year and bought my first horse. I continued to babysit to pay for board, feed, farrier, & vet bills. Working for what you want has been a valuable lesson and one hubby and I have taught our children as well.

I went from working with racehorses, to sales, and moved around quite a bit before settling in British Columbia, Canada. With a smart ass hubby, three amazing kids who are just as smart, and pets who own us, I get my inspiration from many places, though TV, Movies and my fav authors also help inspire.

I fell in love with reading at age twelve when I read The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley and always have a book on hand. But in 2008 I read a book with an ending that completely Pi$$ed me off. That was the catalyst that pushed me to write my own book with my own characters, doing what I wanted them to do. Vampires and Were-wolves were big, and while I love them, I also love dragons. At the time, I’d never heard of dragon shifter books. I came up with immortals who can change into dragons. But life with young kids is busy and it wasn’t until 2016 that I first published.

As of 2021 I’ve self-published 13 books, with many in the works. I create my own covers as well as shiny pretty covers for other authors which can be seen at my website here: https://www.slmcreations-premadebookcovers.com/

I haven’t drawn much in the last few years since I got serious about my writing, but I did do up some pictures a few years ago of my Characters.

Down the road from where I live.