About Sheri-Lynn

Sheri M-15

So who wants a sexy, hot dragon?

Me, please! Sign me up!

I never imagined I’d one day be an author…

Instead, I grew up in Calgary, riding horses, working with racehorses and drawing and selling animal artwork, which I still sell on Etsy. Photography has always been a passion as well.

I learned early on that I had to work hard for what I wanted. At eleven years old I wanted a horse. My dad told me “When you have the money to buy one, you can buy one.” So I worked for a year babysitting after school and then bought my first horse, then continued to babysit to pay for board, feed, etc. That lesson has stayed with me.

As a teen I worked with racehorses in Alberta, eventually ending up at Woodbine racetrack in Ontario when I turned 18. I loved it, it felt like stepping into one of my coffee table horse books.

But sadly in Canada the season isn’t all year round. I ended up in sales and later moved around a bit before getting into raising Jack Russell Terriers. I eventually made it back to Calgary where I continued to raise Jack Russell’s, draw and sell my art, along with doing wedding photography and window cleaning.

Now, years later, I am married with three amazing kids. We have a wonderful golden retriever who loves to steal our socks and take them outside and three cats, one of which brings live mice into our home and sets them free.

And while I never thought I’d be an author, I’ve always made up my own stories in my head of different characters either from TV shows or books I’ve read and loved.

I fell in love with reading at age twelve when I read The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley. All these years, I have never stopped reading. No matter where I go, or what I do, I always have a book. One day in 2008, after we moved to the beautiful Creston Valley in British Columbia, I read a book with an ending I didn’t like. I don’t know what book it was, it didn’t stick with me as I almost tossed it out the window.

But that pushed me to write my own book. My own characters, doing what I wanted them to do. Vampires and Were-wolves were big, and while I love them, I love dragons too. Oh, so much! At the time, I’d never heard of dragon shifters, and I don’t really think of the Dracones as shifters, but more as immortals who can change into dragons.

I opened up a word doc and began to type. But life with young kids gets busy and it wasn’t until 2014 that I seriously got into it. My characters really came to life in my head and soon more joined them.

I haven’t drawn much in the last few years since I got serious about my writing, but I did do up some pictures to go with some of my Characters.

And some pictures of where I live.