About the Author

Sheri M-15

Would you run from the sight of a dragon, or try to take it home?

Sheri-Lynn Marean would be the one trying to lure it home. 🙂

Sheri-Lynn Marean lives in Western Canada surrounded by mountains and farmland. She writes the kind of magic she loves to read, vivid and exciting paranormal fantasy romance, stories with great world building, strong female leads, and of course tortured heroes who usually change into some sort of beast. Inspired by her favorite authors, shows, and characters, Sheri-Lynn created her 52 Realms and filled it with shifters, vampires, evil witches and more. Her main series is The Dracones; Cursed & Hunted, with a few spin-off series, one of which is her League of Supernatural Assassins shared world. 


Sheri-Lynn never imagined she’d ever be an author…

She grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, riding & working with racehorses and drawing and selling her artwork.

Her dad taught her early on that she had to work for what she wanted, when she asked for a horse at age eleven. So she babysat after school for a year and bought her first horse. She then continued to babysit to pay for board, feed, farrier & vet bills.

Working for what you want has been a valuable lesson and she and her hubby have taught their three children as well, who are growing up into kind, caring and responsible young people that make their parents proud everyday.

Sheri-Lynn gets her inspiration from Books, TV, life events, and random thoughts that pop into her head at the oddest moments.

She fell in love with reading at age twelve after devouring The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley, and after was always found with a book on hand. But her own writing journey didn’t begin until 2008. Yet life with young kids was super busy and it wasn’t until 2016 that she finally published her first book; Dracones Awakening.

Looking back, Sheri-Lynn realizes her love of writing actually started with a high school essay. It was a short story of how the time she raced her half arabian horse Jesse around a training track under a starry sky. With the full moon reflecting off the pond in the infield, and a million stars twinkling high above, they streaked around the track, the air crisp brought tears to her eyes while the sound of my horse’s hooves thundered in her ears and the night breeze whipped her long hair about her face. It was a happy, free moment she will never forget.

Besides being an author and artist, I’m a graphic designer. I create my own covers as well as covers for other authors:  https://www.slmcreations-premadebookcovers.com/

Sheri-Lynn hasn’t done many pencil drawings in the last few years since she got serious about her writing and graphic art, but she did do up some pictures a few years ago of a few of her characters in their animal forms. 🙂