Giveaways & Latest Book News!

Giveaways & Latest Book News!

Remember that Dragon Necklace I gave away last December? Want another chance at it? 😜

I have 3 Fantastic Giveaways this month!
But first; Book News:
1- The Dragon Assassin’s Sunstryker released in Oct. It was a short story in the Feisty Heroines Collection, and I expanded it from 9k to over 40k!! It’s dedicated to Sherrilyn McQueen who pulled herself from the ashes to rise a warrior queen once again, and all the survivors out there!
2- Defiant Wolf releases in 2021. I don’t have a date yet, as I want to release it at the same time or very close to a few others that I am struggling to finish.
3- I’m on Tiktok! LOL! I know, I know, but it’s growing for adults, and Authors. I’ve posted some bookish stuff, and lots of pet videos….Follow me:


I wish you a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate, and a relaxing holiday if you don’t, but whatever you do be sure to snuggle up with a good book. You will find most of mine in Kindle Unlimited.

Feisty Heroines Releases in 1 Week!

Feisty Heroines Releases in 1 Week!

We-the Authors of the Feisty Heroines romance collection are getting super excited as release day approaches! Feisty Releases on June 16th, and there are a ton of wonderful stories in this collection. That being said, I can’t wait for you to read mine; The Dragon Assassin’s Sunstryker. It is a new ‘In’ to a spinoff in my 52 Realms that I plan to write about genetically engineered dragon shifters raised and trained to be assassins. 🙂

If you haven’t already grabbed your copy, then please do so, it’s only .99 cents, and you get a free bundle of books from the Authors in thanks, so 60+ stories for .99 cents!!! Also, you’ll be helping us achieve our goals of hitting USAT and the proceeds go to those helping fight Covid 19. (The International Red Cross & The American Association of Critical Care Nurses)

May 2020

May 2020

Hello Magical Reader. There is so much going on, even in the time of Covid!

Wonderful reviews are coming in for Dance with Darkness; Enforcement for Preternatural Protection, and we are just over six weeks away from the Feisty Heroines release! Yes, June 16th! Have you ordered your .99 cent copy yet? The Authors are making a run to hit the USA Today Bestseller list, and would really appreciate your help to reach our goal!

Plus, we’re donating the proceeds to 2 charities, the International Red Cross, and the Association of Critical Care Nurses in order to do our bit to try and help.

What have you been doing to keep sane? I’ve been trying to focus on writing, but it’s definitely NOT been easy… Still, I do have an excerpt for you today from Soroyan’s son Lucian and the Raizarch twins story. I like how it’s coming together, and thought I’d share a bit with you, so scroll down to read it.

Here’s a list of what I’ve been working on:

1- Lucian & the Raizarch twins ~ Untitled as of yet.

2- Claiming Beast. This is 2 new characters: Areliah and Roack. It’s a novella. Roack is Soroyan’s uncle-Loki’s other son, and this story is set in another world.

3- Dracones Journey. (Unless I come up with a different title) this is about Soroyan and Raven as they go to get the kids she left on Norvafellan. In this, Soroyan will meet up with Roack who he’s never met!!! 😜

4- Dracones Goldenthorn. This is Goldy’s story, and how she wakes up in another realm.

5- Unleashed Seduction. This is about Kateri, one of the Genesis Dracones, and sister to Taraven.

6- Demon apocalypse: Fallen Battle Angel. This is a short story about a fallen hybrid angel and a wolf shifter, not relate to any of my other works/worlds …at least not yet. That could change…

7- An untitled reverse harem novella with a dragon, a wolf, a vamp and tiger, along with a magic born female, lol.

The raizarch king’s youngest daughter would be the one to break the curse on the pack. But what happens when there were two daughters—twins?
Fiya, short for Defiant, raced in her black and silver wolf form to where her best friend was waiting for her so they could run together. If felt amazing to be able to shift into her human body whenever she wanted, and to keep that form was the best. It definitely beat waiting for the six hours a narcissist who basically owned them.
At a mere twenty-nine years young, Fiya didn’t know how the much older members of her pack stood it without going crazy. Though to be fair, a number of them hadn’t.
Fiya tried not to dwell on that, but rather on the freedom that hinged on her and her sister Willsa. This could not be her destiny, she couldn’t have been raised just to be turned into a brood mare for some male!
But it was her fate, and as the net felt like it was closing in more each day, her sense of self-preservation rose.
Fiya increased her pace, paws flying over the ground, the earthy scent of the forest permeating the very air she breathed. Though she gloried in being able to take on her human form at will, Fiya still felt the urge to shift and run as a wolf at least once a day.
“Where are you?” Arel, her best friend asked through their mind link.
“On my way, be there in just a moment,” she responded.
“You told me to meet you half an hour ago,” he said testily, though she knew it wasn’t over the wait but rather her situation.
“Sorry, I was just talking with Honor.” Well, arguing was more like it. Gah, her older brother could be so annoying, and to think for years she’d dreamed of having a sibling.
Funny how dreams can bite you on the ass when they come true.
Now she had many siblings, and Honor wasn’t the only one who chaffed her the wrong way.
So far, Fiya had kept her distance from most of her family, but there seemed to be no avoiding Honor or Willsa.
At the thought of her sickeningly sweet—kind, and wholly naive twin, Fiya let out a snarl. How could they be so different?
Well apparently being raised by two different families, one strict and demanding, and the other loving and caring really did make a difference in how one turned out.
What would they have been like if they hadn’t been secreted away with strangers at birth?
Their birth mother had tried to talk to them—to get to know them, but so far Fiya had resisted all her attempts. Though Fiya knew she wouldn’t be able to put her off forever. The female was tenacious, and Fiya supposed she had to be, to have birthed and raised so many young.
Fiya didn’t want to understand what it was like for her real family, because then she’d have to forgive them, and right now she needed her anger and sense of righteousness. It was all that would get her through this forced mating.
At least Arel was on her side of things.
He wanted her to let Willsa mate with the Okami male. Fiya wanted that too, but the thought of pawning that responsibility off on her twin didn’t sit well with her conscience.
Though neither did having one’s destiny forced upon her. And she was back to the vicious circle of what to do once again.
With a burst of speed, Fiya rounded the bend in the trail, then let out a sharp yip. She pulled up before she hit the rock wall smack dab in the path.
Her anger surged even stronger at the sight, and delectable masculine scent, of the large, dark-haired male with stunning greenish-blue eyes who’d dared to disturb her run.
Fiya shifted into her two legged form and glared at him. At six-feet-five inches, Lucian stood only a little taller than her. “Nice place to be standing. You know, you could hurt someone there.”
Lucian raised an eyebrow. “I wasn’t the one racing like an out of control freight train. You do know the trail skirts a steep drop off just around this bend, right?”
“Of course I do.” Fiya’s blood boiled at the touch of humor she detected in his eyes. “I was in complete control.”
He raised his eyebrows but didn’t respond to what they both knew was a lie.


Here’s a pic I drew of Lucian

It’s tough times in the world today!

Due to Covid 19, it’s tough times…so I wanted to share this fun little survey we did with the kids.

But first, how are you? Hanging in there and staying safe and sane I hope?

My family and I are doing all right so far…I’m in the process of formatting Dance with Darkness and plan to move the release date up to April 21st. 🙂  AND Dragons and Mages releases in 2 days~April 1st! So that means you’ll be able to read Dragonsworn Guardian!!! I had so much fun writing it, I hope you enjoy reading it.

Here it is, keep in mine, I wrote down the first things out of their mouth and my kids are little smart asses, lol.

Oliver age 12:

1. If you won a million dollars, what would you buy?
new ipad, and give the rest to mom and dad

2. How long does it take to get to America?
five minutes

3. What does mom always say to you?
I love you

4. What job would you like to do when you’re big?
farmer like dad

5. What is the capital of Canada?

6. Where do babies come from?
my mom/girls/woman

7. At what age do you become an adult?

8. If you could change one rule your family has, what would it be?
No running up and down the hall

9. If you could be a superhero, what superpower would you have?
(I’m seeing a theme here)lol
10. What would you do to save the planet?

11. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
homemade mac and cheese

12. How much does it cost to buy a house?
there’s not one price for every single house.

13. Why do you think we should be nice to other people?
because they’ll be nice in return

14. What does love mean? 
that you love someone, not easy to describe

15. What are you scared of?
don’t know, nothing

16. What is very important?
my family, my friends, my animals.

Willow age 15

1. If you won a million dollars, what would you buy?
house, save it..

2. How long does it take to get to America?
15 minutes, maybe 10…

3. What does mom always say to you?
go make your own food!

4. What job would you like to do when you’re big?

5. What is the capital of Canada?
Victoria? (This is my 15 yr old!!)

6. Where do babies come from?

7. At what age do you become an adult?
18 or the moment you get your period

8. If you could change one rule your family has, what would it be?
not being allowed to drink the gatorade

9. If you could be a superhero, what superpower would you have?
reading minds

10. What would you do to save the planet?
use more plastic straws! (Smart Ass kid!)

11. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

12. How much does it cost to buy a house?
depends on the house

13. Why do you think we should be nice to other people?
so you can bribe them into getting you things!

14. What does love mean? 
having share the bed with someone who hogs the blankets!

15. What are you scared of?
rejection by the dog

16. What is very important?

Lots Happening ~ News & Giveaways!

Lots Happening ~ News & Giveaways!

So much is going on! Today I’ve got giveaways, excerpts & News.

1st, I’ve re-released my Dracones Series. (Well, bk 6; Dracones Guardian releases Feb 14th!) They’ve all gotten shiny new covers, or upgraded covers, and book 1 was thoroughly re-edited! Books 2-6 have been light edited/proofed, and they are all re-formatted.

2- I’ve finished Dance with Darkness, book 1 in the EfPP (Enforcement for Preternatural Protection) This is a Dracones Allies spinoff, and yes, there is crossover. 🙂 It’s up on pre-order & currently on the way to Laura LaTulipe, my wonderful Editor! You may have seen the cover on my website’s front page, or social media, I love how it turned out, and the story became so much more than I expected.

3- As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I joined 2 anthologies, one is Dragons and Mages, and the novella I wrote for it is: Dragonsworn Guardian. It’s out in paperback, and will release in ebook in April 2020. The 2nd anthology is the Feisty Heroines set. We’ve got a great bunch of authors, and are pushing to reach USA Today bestseller.

How can you support us? For only .99 cents, you can help us achieve our dream! Plus, once you pre-order, you’ll get a bundle of 26 books from the authors for FREE! Subscribe HERE!

My short story in the Feisty set is The Sunstryker’s Assassin. Blurb & Excerpt below!

I’ve always got numerous giveaways going on, and post about them in my FB group & Newsletter. Here are 3 for you today. 🙂

1- $25 B&N G/C & 2 Signed Paperbacks Enter HERE:

2- $50 G/C Enter HERE;

3-  $10 G/C  &  Have a Character  in  one  of  my  books  named  after  you. Enter HERE! CLOSED

Blurb & Excerpt of The Sunstryker’s Assassin:


A genetically engineered dragon shifter …
… she was trained to follow orders and kill without question.

Only the strongest survive, so Treya climbed to the top and became one of the most elite assassins to ever come out of the compound on Icarus. With food in her belly, and a roof over her head, she’d been content—assured that the lives she ended deserved it.

But did they?

When she began to have doubts about her missions, she was given a brother. The director thought that would keep her in line, and on task. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

For the first time in her life, Treya has someone to care about other than herself. A reason to do more than just survive. And she’ll die, and take out everyone around her, before she lets anyone harm her little brother. He is her sole reason for living, or so she thinks.

Get it now in the Feisty Heroines set, and discover a twist of the heart that threatens all Treya holds dear.


Treya watched, heart in her throat as the black and gold dragon—Ash, for it had to be him, turned his large head. He seemed to stare right at her.
Treya shivered. There was no way he could see her, could he?
He roared, a sound that shook the realm, then shot off the cliff, tail flicking sharply with a crack behind him. He arrowed his body straight down, going way too fast.
Treya held her breath, certain he was going to crash into the rocks. She exhaled as he leveled off at the last minute, and was shocked to realize she was shaking, that her knees had gone weak. She continued to watch, heart in her throat, as the dragon rocketed straight up into the sky. He entered a bolt of lightning, and swiftly followed it ever higher.
His whole body was illuminated energy, a brilliant glow that stung her eyes and made them water.
He roared again, a tremendous vibration that again rocked the world.
Treya stood rooted to the spot, mesmerized, as the legend called Ash became one with the storm.
Never in all her years, had Treya ever seen anything like the mighty creature. He owned the sky, the storm, the lighting, and as he gathered speed, it traveled with him. Bolts of light—energy—stayed with him, while others following in his wake, whipping and sizzling lashes of fury.
He drew the storm, pulled it, used it and shaped it, roars echoing the furious booms sweeping the land. The rain came down harder, faster, plastering Treya’s hair to her face.
Something stung her cheeks, and it was a moment before she realized it was tears. Treya couldn’t remember ever crying in her life. She blinked, unsure why she was reacting this way. Yet her heart continued to pound in her chest as emotion choked her.
As the dragon finally disappeared from sight, her heart calmed.


May 20th happenings…

May 20th happenings…

May has been busy-busy! Dracones Guardian is getting wonderful reviews, happy dance! Thank you to everyone who’s read and left a review, they all help!

This weekend was Blossom fest, and last Friday the youth powwow, it’s  so much fun. Love hearing the drums, and watching the kids dance. Next weekend is shooting out at the Rod and Gun club for Heritage day … or so the plans go. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can go, it’s always a ton of fun.

And, today is my Birthday… I wish they didn’t happen anymore, but no such luck, lol.

Don’t forget about the dragon necklace and Signed paperback of Dracones Guardian that I’m giving away! It’s till the end of may, so get sharing and entering HERE:

Speaking of signed paperbacks, I did some work on my Etsy store, and you can now get bk1; Dracones Awakening on Etsy. (I’m working on making listings for the rest of them as well)

I also started a fb genre page for readers and authors of paranormal romance, fantasy and urban fantasy to share their books and promos:

Youth Powwow 2019




Dracones Guardian is Live!

Hello! The last 2 weeks have flown by, and I have so much happening, parties, giveaways and more, so bear with me!

1st, have you grabbed your copy of DG yet? If not, go get it quick, as it will be going full price after tomorrow. Reviews have started to come in and all I can say is wow and thank you! This is a long book, with tons going on, and the feedback has really warmed my heart … And, though it’s book 6, it can be read standalone. I had someone test it, who’s never read any of my books, and she wasn’t lost or confused! 🙂

Still want to start at book 1, that’s great! In fact, Dracones Awakening is still on sale for .99 cents but only for a few more days. You can find it direct from me here on my site, or click on books and you can go to your favorite vendor to get it.

or… if you want one or all of my ebooks signed by me, you can do so here. Check it out!

The Giveaway for the dragon necklace & signed paperback is also ongoing (until the end of May) so keep sharing! I really-really appreciate your help in spreading the word about Dracones Guardian. 🙂

A huge thank you to my Alpha & ARC team, and my PA & VA, as well as those who are always there to help me out. You are all so awesome.

I’m in 3 Facebook Parties today so if you get a chance stop by and say hi!

Playing with fire group:
Souls & Shadows group:

Shadows and Sorcery group;

I have more giveaways in my FB reader group.

Want an excerpt of Dracones Guardian?

Heaven’s Gates 818 AD

He ignored the warning signs, now Satan laughed and Heaven wept.

Jaw clenched, Zandraziel’s large, midnight wings lay pinned to his back. They’d been fighting the same war, over and over. Something had to change.

Silence thundered painfully in the deserted corridor. Even his noiseless strides—eating up the endless path they trod upon—was an affront. Tears of crimson seeped in from all sides, like a spiderweb, slowly overtaking the shining gold veins in the pristine white marble covering the walls and walkway all around them.

This travesty should never have happened.

“Why do we walk? Are you not eager to witness my punishment?” Ezayzel sneered. His black hair was matted with the blood of his brethren, and striations of bright silver in his black wings had absorbed the blood, turning them a deep red.   

Ezayzel raised his bound wrists, smeared with the remnants of putrid demon icor, and wiped the sweat and grime from his face. “No answer?”

Zandraziel met the betrayer’s defiant stare. Ezayzel’s black eyes, which normally shone with brilliant shards of silver, sparked red. A reflection of the blood he’d spilled? Had to be. Still, it was disturbing.

Fury surged, then was replaced with satisfaction when Ezayzel shivered.

Yes, as an archangel Zandraziel could easily transport them to their destination with just a thought, so why hadn’t he?

Zandraziel forced himself to relax. It wouldn’t do to let anyone, especially Ezayzel, know how badly he’d been shaken. His desire to make the other angel pay didn’t matter. Things had to be done in a certain way. Rules had to be followed. It was even more crucial at this time of unrest.

They passed one of many vast elysian fields, the final resting place for those who’d lived and died and did so in such a manner that they earned a place in Heaven. They were happy, peaceful places, and though Zandraziel could enter, as an angel he didn’t belong. Still, to wander from one to the other, to let the calm content nature seep in was often refreshing. Needed even. But now, for the first time, the sight of children laughing and giggling, dogs playfully chasing each other, cats grooming themselves, and adults holding hands with their loved ones, failed to ease his soul. Instead, it fueled the wild burn.

Those souls had no clue how close they’d come to having their very existence ended.


…. As always, Sheri-Lynn Marean knows how to rock my socks off! …. ~Sandra Hould

…I LOVE this series. Dragons, Archangels, good guys, bad guys… The characters are well thought out, developed and show an amazing propensity to evolve. Ms. Marean is extremely skilled at weaving an emotional rollercoaster ride of a story. I laughed (a lot!), cried (get a box of tissues ready!), cheered, hissed, wanted to reach in an shake a couple of characters and fell in love over and over. This book contains enough backstory and focused resolution to be read as stand alone, but why!?! You’re going to want to read this series from start to finish. … a sign of a great book… you get to the last page and scream “Noooooooooooo! I want more!” If you love reading JR Ward, Patricia Briggs, Gena Showalter or Deborah Cooke, you need to add Sheri-Lynn Marean to your “Next to be loved list.” ~ Daewalker1

5 Stars***** Omg!!!! I LOVED Zander’s story!!!!
Or as Genna might say “Zander Daddy” is So Worth Reading, and It Be Awesome!!! Sheri-Lynn Marean has always brought such excitement and passion to all the characters of her Dracones Series, but Zanders was Epic!! ~Sharon Richmond

Just wow! …I love that all the characters are present in this book and they go on this journey with Zander or should I say because of Zander… there will be hard times, sad times, dark times along with happiness, joy, rebirth or excitement. Tough choices will be made… the future for some will change and for others it may stay the same. Uncertainty will dog a few other characters but Redemption will come at a price. Loved this book. ~KarmelRead2665

Guardian really is the epitome of what a paranormal/fantasy romance should be. An archangel, the Fallen, Druid witches, dragon shifters, yup this book has it all. Then add in a great romantic tale with perfect leads in Zander and Chloe and I end up sad I can only give it five stars. ~ The Mysterious

Wow just wow what a great series. Zander story pulled me right in. I couldn’t put it down it had me on the edge of my seat I cried and laughed and I cheered them on… ~mflora

Book 6 Dracones Guardian Releases May 8th!

Book 6 Dracones Guardian Releases May 8th!

Hello magical reader! I can’t believe it’s May already and Dracones Guardian’s release day is just next week! That’s right, May 8th! I’m super excited about it, and am running a few giveaways. Will put the link to the awesome dragon necklace I’m giving away. I just love it, don’t you?

You can enter to win it here: