What’s happening in 2018?

Time has flown by, and I am busier than ever! I have so much planned for 2018! Saberthorn has been expanded and releases on Feb 15th! The Audio version of BK1; Dracones Awakening, just released and I love how Tor Thom and Charley Ongel narrated it, they did a great job and there were a lot of voices/Characters!

I am presently working on Zander’s story in the Dracones, along with Cass’s story, which is bk 2 in the Dragonkind ~ 52 Realms spinoff. I am also working on Eternal Lover/Darrian’s story and another which I haven’t titled yet, but is about Tereck. These two are in the Nightwalker ~ 52 Realms series. And yes, they all interconnect. I have a goal to write 6 books this year. 🙂

Great Release! Great party, thank you all!

Dracones Rogue has been the best release I’ve had yet, thank you all for your pre-orders! AND for all those who got their review up rightaway! You all rock! I want to say a special thanks to my PA & VA’s for all their help as well. Barb and Mindy, you are both the best!! Thank you to Amy Lynn and Diana as well, the FB Party on Thursday was a huge success and I couldn’t have done it without you!

During the party I met and made a lot of new friends, gave away a lot of goodies, (I love giving away goodies! Hehe!) I did up 3 drawings of black wolves in honor of Soroyan and a leopard in honor of Thaniel, the first time I’ve drawn in about 2 years! I have given some prints away, listed them on my Etsy Store, and will give more in the future! Stay tuned, I plan to do a big giveaway for Christmas!!! 🙂

Only a few weeks until Rogue releases!

Wow, I’ve already sold more pre-orders of Rogue than I ever have of any of my previous books. Of course, I now understand a bit more about how to promote them, lol. I am so excited for you all to get your hands on the Big Bad Wolf’s story! 🙂

I am also super excited about the first spin off book: Saberthorn. It turned out better than I could have hoped and my beta readers are loving it! I also have a kick ass cover, that I can’t wait to show off, but alas~Patience! LOL. Saberthorn will release late October in the Scorched Boxset.

Dracones Rogue is now up for Pre-Order!

I am pleased to announce that book 5, Dracones Rogue, is now up for Pre-order!

Soroyan was meant to be King of the wolf pack. Raven was an avenging angel sent to patrol the Fallen—until evil warrior witches attacked and sank them both into darkness with no room for anything or anyone but vengeance.

A promise to his dead mate and hatred kept Soroyan, an immortal wolf shifter alive. But four-hundred-years is too long. With his volatile power under tight rein, he’s done his duty to protect his pack. Only now, a purple-eyed female he tried to hate, has shattered the ice around his heart.

For twenty-years Raven has hunted the enemy—closed off and alone. Until the big bad wolf awakens her. He sets her blood on fire, except she also senses a dark void eating away at him. Afraid to feel again, Raven must decide how much she will give up to save the male who just may be her second chance at love.

Book five for readers 17+ If you enjoy dark, sexy wolf shifters, dragons, angels and other magical beings, get Dracones Rogue and fall in love with Soroyan and Raven.

Clean Version of BK1 Dracones Awakening

Hello everyone! I recently released a Clean Version of bk 1, Dracones Awakening. Why? You ask, well, my 12 yr old daughter wanted to read it, and I said no way. Then I decided to make a version that she could read and it released on her birthday, July 9th. I ordered and gave her the paperback copy, and she read it in 2 days and every day since is asking when the next will be ready! 🙂 So… I am now working on clean versions for the rest as well.

Saberthorn, my book for the Scorched Boxset …

I am happy to announce that Scorched, an exclusive Boxset with 13 hot, sexy Dragon Shifter Paranormal romance stories by me and 12 other fantastic authors is now up for Pre-order!

I’m writing a spin-off series of the Dracones, called; Dragonkind ~ 52 Realms series. Book 1; Saberthorn, will first come out in the Scorched Boxset.

In my Dragonkind ~ 52 Realms series, you will meet new characters along with old, or previously mentioned characters from the Dracones series. They will intertwine, meet up, etc. I have huge plans for both the Dracones and Dragonkind series.

I am close to halfway done this book and can tell you that Saberthorn is one of Skulla’s male offspring, and the story is set in Tartaria. That is all I will say for now. 🙂

Editor is enjoying Thaniel, Sami’s interview was a hit….

Happy Thursday!
My editor messaged me the other day and said she was really enjoying Dracones Thaniel, which I am thrilled about! Maybe because he was the underdog, but while all my characters hold special places in my heart, he was particularly special, and I am hoping everyone loves his story.

I attached Sami’s interview in my Feb 14th Newsletter and from the feedback I’ve gotten, it was a huge hit! I am so glad, as I had a lot of fun writing it. I plan to do Jax’s interview next, so be sure to watch for it in my mid March Newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for my NL yes, you can do so on all pages of my site here. I love getting feedback and hearing from fans, so if you have a question you’d like to ask, or just want to say hi, be sure to stop by on FB, or you can email me.

Today I got my signed copy of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Born of Vengeance! (Huge Grin) For anyone who knows me, you know she is my #1 fav all time author and on my bucket list is meeting her and picking her brain about writing, her characters, all of that. 🙂 She’s been a huge inspiration in how I write my characters and worlds. I ordered this book from her League series, (I love both her Dark Hunters & League) and watched her recent live signing. Loved that, and can’t wait to get started reading this latest League book! 🙂 ~It isn’t easy, I want to write, but I want to read as well, lol.

And last but not least, don’t forget the Party on March 30th/31st! The 1 yr anniversary for the Dracones along with a release party for Thaniel. I hope to see you there and will be doing a huge giveaway! The 1st day will be author takeovers will giveaways, & day 2 will be posts by other authors with links and giveaways. 🙂 Dracones anniversary/Thaniel release FB party

Sami’s interview in Feb 14th Newsletter!

I has a blast interviewing Sami recently.
I wanted to start doing character interviews for a while, but with everyone in my head, fighting to have their story told, and a new story line of Young Adult characters clamoring to be heard, I needed a bit of a push, to get started on interviews!
So, thank you Amy Lynn Lockhart for that Push! Amy and Lela from my Dracones dragon street team helped me out with a few questions to ask Sami as well, thanks ladies! I am super excited for everyone to read the interview!
Only 5 days until Thaniel hits the editor!

Don’t forget to join the Party on March 30th on FB!”https://www.facebook.com/events/267901173627574/” target=”_blank”>Dracones anniversary/Thaniel release FB party

Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!

Hi everyone, so sorry, I’ve been slacking at keeping up with my blog posts.

Christmas is a busy time here. Hubby and my oldest, AJ’s birthdays are on the 21st of Dec. Then, on Christmas day, my dad fell and broke his hip and arm. Now, he’s re-learning to walk. Hopefully in 2 weeks he’ll be back home. On top if it all, we all ended up really sick with flu/colds, the kind that keeps coming back. The we had 2 more birthdays! My daughter had a band concert, and still, hubby and I got a little renovation done. My office is now moved and my bookshelf is filled. I just told hubby that in all his spare time, he needs to build me a bigger bookshelf, lol.

On another note, I have book 4, Dracones Thaniel going to the editor on Feb 13th! And, I have someone working on the cover. I can’t wait to do a cover reveal! I am hoping if all goes well, to release it by the end of March and have planned a combined 1 yr anniversary of bk1, along with the release of bk4, FB party. All are welcome, here is the link, you will need to copy and paste: https://www.facebook.com/events/267901173627574/

I am really hoping you all like Thaniel’s story, he touched my heart like none of the others. It can be read in sequence or as a standalone if someone hasn’t read the rest…and spans all three books out right now.

I am presently working on Soroyan’s book, along with character interviews that I will post in my newsletter. I am having a lot of fun with that, and hope everyone enjoys them. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. I send it out 2x a month, unless I have something extra special to tell you. I also try to include some exciting books by other authors for you to check out while you wait for my next book.
Take care everyone!

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