May 1st, 2019

Hello magical reader! I can’t believe it’s May already and Dracones Guardian’s release day is just next week! That’s right, May 8th! I’m super excited about it, and am running a few giveaways. Will put the link to the awesome dragon necklace I’m giving away. I just love it, don’t you?

You can enter to win it here:










Oct 8th, 2018.

It’s been a long while since I posted here, so it’s about time. 🙂  I had plans to release 6 books this year, but didn’t make it. Between health, family stuff, and trying to learn all the ins and outs of marketing it just didn’t happen. I did however release bk1 Dracones Awakening in Audio. It is narrated by a kick-ass couple who are sexy as hell! Tor Thom and Charley Ongel. So, if you like Audio, you may want to check them out. 🙂 I also released Saberthorn last February, and then the 2nd book in my Dragonkind ~ 52 Realms series; Casstiel on Aug 30th. It is doing well, and wonderful reviews have poured in.

I made a book trailer of Casstiel, along with 2 book trailers, one cinematic, of Dracones Awakening, and just the other day I did up an audio trailer of Dracones Awakening. You can watch them at my Youtube Channel here:

This month I am taking part in 2 Audio Promo’s and a couple other ebook promos. If you receive my newsletter, or are in my FB reader group, you will hear all about them.

Right now, besides taking a few courses to do with book marketing, I’m working on Bk6 Dracones Guardian, which is about Tierney’s father; Zander. If all goes well, I hope to release it before the New year.

Here’s a little excerpt; Unedited, and subject to change.

Chloe lay her hand on his chest, a brand that heated him from the inside out, just like the night before, and just like then, all whispers of the magic spell he’d been fighting drifted away. He began to relax. “Can you tell me more?”

“For the souls who go to heaven when they die, the elysian files are a magical place, filled with light, love, family, friends. In fact, all of heaven is a place of grace and beauty. But for angelkind, that grace is double-edged, and beauty can be deceiving. For angelkind, heaven is a place devoid of emotion, though not ambition. Each winged soul walks alone, careful in word and deed lest they tread upon the wings of another more powerful angel. For angels it is a cold, isolated place where existence stretches an eternity with no end in sight.”

Here is a picture of the bookshelf hubs made me, and our new horse; Spring. 










Oct 17th update. So many exciting things happening these days!

My books have been brought into our local library, saw them there the other day! Plus, I recently got them into Coles bookstore in Nelson and Cranbrook! A good friend of mine was up in Nelson the other day and took a photo of them on the shelf!

I’ve just been asked to do an interview for out local newspaper on the release of bk3…and I am expecting the cover for bk3 any day now…where I will send out my very first newsletter! Yes, I finally figured out how to do one, lol!

I had some help with fixing up my website from a friend and fellow author, Valerie Comer! Thanks Val, you rock! Now, I know how to do and change some stuff on here without messing up…at least for now, lol.

Book 4, Dracones Thaniel is presently with my beta readers and I am already getting wonderful, excited feedback from them about it. If all goes well, I plan to release it in Jan/Feb of 2017…and for you Soroyan lovers out there, I have started his book and hope to release it in spring of 2017….I have many many more to write, no end in sight…

Here at home, we’ve recently added some additions to our family, of the feline variety, lol, and love them to pieces, while our wonderful golden retriever, Wally doesn’t know what to think of these furry little critters that jump all over him.

On a proud, but a little sadder note, my oldest is growing up too fast. We go to Calgary at the end of Oct to the SAIT open house where he want to go next year, gulp!

Thought I’d share a few pictures of my workspace, with some of my artwork behind me…the large colorful one is a work in progress…and the pic of my books in the library and at Coles! img_4951img_4952my-books-in-colesme-at-library-with-books

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