1~Dracones Awakening: Cursed & Hunted
2~Dracones Revelations: Cursed & Hunted
3~Dracones Betrayed: Cursed & Hunted
4~Dracones Thaniel: Cursed & Hunted
5~Dracones Rogue: Cursed & Hunted
0~ Primalthorn ~ Prequel Novella
Claimed by Beast ~ Coming 2021
The Dragon Assassin’s Sunstryker
8- Defiant Wolf; Curse Breaker
7- Dance of Darkness; Enforcement for Preternatural Protection
0.5 Dragonsworn Guardian
Kiss of Darkness; Alien Vampire Hunter
6 ~ Dracones Guardian: Cursed & Hunted
Casstiel; Born of Lightning: Dragon Hunter Brotherhood
Saberthorn; Dragon Hunter Brotherhood; BK 1 Dragonkind ~ 52 Realms
Fantasy Lovers; Her Dragon, Wolf & Vampire Mates