I am very excited to announce that finally, Dracones Revelations, book two in the Dracones series is now a pre-order on amazon!

This is book two; Sami’s story. I am also working on book three, which will also be Sami’s story, along with book four, Thaniel’s story. For a little while, our Were-leopard was trying to interfere with me writing book three, but all is well now. Since Thaniel’s story will be written within the same timeline as books 1-3, I will be catching it up to the end of book three, I believe, unless book five starts to interfere. If you didn’t get a chance to read book one, get it now, so that you can read book two as soon as it releases! These characters are all screaming for me to tell their stories, something I am trying very hard to do! If you have read book one, I hope you enjoyed it and love book two just as much! Thanks for reading, and if you get a chance to leave a review, I would very much appreciate that as well!

D-R E-BookCover