9- Beat Of My Heart ~ MM Shifter Romance

9- Beat Of My Heart ~ MM Shifter Romance

eBook: $3.99
Series: Cursed & Hunted, Book 9
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 9781988636849

His destiny is to free the Raizarch wolves from the vampire king …

… but to do so he has to mate someone he doesn’t love.

All his life, Toren knew he was different but could never understand why until a lone wolf—Zeveride—temporarily joins their pack. A handsome male with vivid green eyes, he takes Toren’s breath away and makes him want things he shouldn’t.

For the Okami wolves, life is about the survival of their species. As the heir of the Okami king, Toren’s life is already laid out before him—the Okami king’s youngest son of mating age must mate the Raizarch king’s youngest daughter in order to free the wolves.

How can Toren refuse? And if he did, how would he ever live with himself?

Yet, as disaster strikes and he and Zeveride grow closer, the harder it becomes for Toren to accept his fate. To make things easier on him, the wolf who captured his heart suddenly leaves, Toren tries to forget the male.

Except he can’t. What’s worse, Toren can feel that Zeveride is in trouble.

Get it now and feel the beat of your heart as these two wolves navigate an impossible love.

**Warning: Contains an MM relationship. 

For fans of JR. Ward, Hailey Turner, Charlie Cochet & Macy Blake, Grae Bryan, SJ Himes/Sheena Jolie, TJ Klune, Laurell K Hamilton, Rhys Ford, Mary Calmes, Jordan L Hawk

About the Book
Very exciting story with great characters. I liked the interaction of the characters and how Sheri-Lynn Mareen brought it all together. I liked how it ends
– Athena Brown
Zev and Toren’s story Oh I wasn’t sure how I was going to react to this book because it intertwines with all the Dracones previous books and I wasn’t sure if Sheri could pull it off. Well I shouldn’t have doubted her. What a read! I couldn’t put it down until the end. It matches with the history of the Dracone series and it also fills in some information gaps that weren’t provided in the other books. This is well worth the read, I must admit I cried in some of the story so be warned. I will not spoil the book but if you want the full story start with the first book of the series and go from there. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Zev and Toren what a story! Keep them coming Sheri!!
– Justine Beltrame
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