Defiant Assassin

Defiant Assassin


Genetically engineered to be the best of the best, but ended up flawed. This flaw caused her to be used in yet another experiment. This one led to her having no emotions or drive beyond completing the mission.



Rescued by a notorious mob boss at a young age and trained to be ruthless, but no amount of training could crush the compassionate soul. What will happen when these polar opposites are forced to work together? Will they fill in the missing parts of the other or will their differences be too much to overcome?

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About the Book

F East

Fred East is the pen name of a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady with what she considers a healthy obsession with Doctor Who (AKA, she’d love to take Peter Capaldi to dinner. Uh, yes, she totally meant dinner.)

She earned the nickname Fred because she was born before ultrasounds were commonplace and if she was going to be born a boy, her name was going to be Fredrick. That all changed when the doctor handed a screaming bundle of joy to Mom saying “Congratulations, it’s a girl.” Fast forward to the teenage years and poor ol’ Dad had a hard time coping with the drama. When things were particularly bad, he’d put an arm around her young shoulders and say, “Come on, Fred. We’re going fishing.” That was dad-speak for “Calm down, I can’t deal.”

When she’s not writing off the wall stories or cussing like a sailor, she works a very lovely IT job and takes care of her cats, dogs, a son and, on rare occasions, her husband. Between remodeling her house and small craft projects, she’s also trying various preservation techniques to ensure the skulls of her enemies are dishwasher safe.

Series: League of Supernatural Assassins
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