Dracones Thaniel ~ CLEAN VERSION

Dracones Thaniel ~ CLEAN VERSION

CLEAN VERSION When your instincts scream run... it's wise to listen.

Thaniel’s spent his life hiding from predators, now, due to trusting someone he shouldn’t have, he’s become one. Complete with fangs and claws, he has no control over the beast within and is terrified he’ll hurt someone. He can’t imagine anything worse until his only friend tries to help, and he ends up a captive of the Spokane werewolf pack.

After a lifetime of abuse and after Thaniel hits rock bottom, three strangers appear. They rescue him, and offer safety, a home, and perhaps even love. But why would they do that?

For someone shattered by betrayal and mistreatment, how can Thaniel discern friend from foe, truth from deception?
His newfound companions seem genuine... but can he summon the courage to trust once more?

Get it now, and discover the healing power of love in this compelling tale. *Content Advisory* There’s an MFM relationship that deals with abuse in this sweet haunting story.

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About the Book
Series: 52 Realms, Book 4
ISBN: 9781998490035
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