4~Dracones Thaniel: Cursed & Hunted

4~Dracones Thaniel: Cursed & Hunted

Against all odds…Dare to dream…

When your instincts scream run …

...you should listen.

Thaniel made a mistake. After a life of abuse, he knew better than to trust anyone.
Though he didn’t understand why the pretty girl wanted to befriend him, life on the street is lonely, and she appeared harmless. How could he have known she’d bite him—turn him into a monster with fur and fangs.
While struggling to control the deadly beast inside him, Spokane’s pack of were-wolves capture Thaniel, and claim him as their whipping boy. Tired and defeated, he quickly loses all hope.

Then three strangers appear. They offer safety, a home … love.

Heart bruised and soul broken, dare he take one more chance and believe?

Get it now, and discover the healing power of love.

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About the Book
Series: Dracones, Book 4
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Publisher: The Willow Branch Publishing
ISBN: 9781988636450
eBook Price: 4.99
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