Dragons & Mages Boxset

Dragons & Mages Boxset

Dragonsworn Guardian ebook will release in this set April 1, 2020

Dragons are temperamental creatures. Some hunt humans with vengeance, others help humans as willing partners. What will these dragons do? With more than 700 pages of captivating fiction, you’ll be enchanted by mages, soar to new heights on the backs of dragons, and fear whether each new beast is friend or foe.

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Dragonsworn Guardian ebook releases in this set April 1, 2020

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A born guardian—dragon shifter Daimon had to save the witch twins …
…even if it meant diving into an imploding portal.

When he saw the tall Irod demon kidnapping the two teenagers, he didn’t think, just acted.
Because though he was only eighteen-years-old, it was his nature to protect. Only, Daimon never planned on being trapped in a strange realm really far from home. A realm filled with deadly creatures out to eat his scaly butt—wings and all.

Still, with his strength and power, and two witches on his side, they should be safe, right?
Maybe they’ll even be able to figure out a way to get back to their own world.

In order to survive, choices are made, but as time passes, Daimon begins to question who the real monsters are.

Could the price of his decisions cost more than they’re worth?

Get it now, and join Daimon and the twins as they fight to survive.

This is a clean, paranormal/fantasy story with a sweet slice of romance.

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