The Beautiful Assassin

The Beautiful Assassin

Sica the Assassin is the ultimate prize in the master's twisted game, an alien experiment of extraordinary power in a realm where the dichotomy between science and sorcery has shattered. Sica's strength lies in his ability to shape reality itself, but when an interrogation goes wrong, the boundaries between reality and nightmare begin to blur.

To complete his mission, Sica must form a shaky alliance with Dahlia, a cursed witch, bound to hunt his kind. Trust is a precious commodity, and with the stakes high and danger everywhere, each decision could mean the difference between life and death.

The biggest obstacle of all, however, may be the intense attraction growing between Sica and Dahlia. Engineered assassins aren't meant to feel, let alone fall in love.

With the fabric of his reality in flux, Sica must face the ultimate question: who is really in control? With twists and turns at every step, and a heart-stopping tale of forbidden love set amidst intergalactic intrigue, Sica's story challenges everything you thought you knew about the nature of truth and the limits of desire.

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Series: League of Supernatural Assassins
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