The Feline Assassin

The Feline Assassin

Has the hunter become too close to the prey? And what if the prey is hiding secrets of his own…

My name is Ember Rose. That’s not my real name, though. The truth is, I don’t have one. And I’m not from here.

I was raised along with other genetically engineered supernaturals in a secret compound where we endured excruciating training to hone and control our powers. We have one mission – to kill.

As a massage therapist, I am quiet and unassuming, which works in my favor. I lure my targets to my table and there, once they relax completely, I shift into my feline form. All it takes is one tiny scratch for me to administer the lethal poison. Afterward, they never put two-and-two together about what’s made them so ill. At least, not until it’s too late.

However, when I’m assigned Dante Vitale, the son of notorious mob boss Victorino Vitale and sole heir of a massive fortune, I’m thrown off kilter. How can someone so powerful and yet so tender be fated to die? Now I fear I’ve stalked my prey so well that I've grown too attached to kill him…but perhaps I should fear what will happen to me if I don’t...

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Series: League of Supernatural Assassins
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