The Witch Assassin

The Witch Assassin

Releases Oct 16, 2023

An assassin tasked with taking out a mythical fae king…
In a realm that doesn’t exist…

Mya’s mission is to get in, obtain the fae king’s DNA, and get out.

It should be easy with her gifts, except when does anything ever go as planned?

But failing in her line of work is a death sentence, and nothing in her training prepared her for Tavin Zorander—the most powerful Elvren to ever exist. After all, it’s his family’s magic that’s kept his kingdom cloaked from the prying eyes of the universe for centuries.

When she finds herself at the mercy of the fae king, Mya has a choice to make.

Does she use her darkest power, thus compromising her mission, or should she surrender to Tavin’s desires and put his entire kingdom at risk?

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About the Book
Series: League of Supernatural Assassins
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