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Want an excerpt of Dracones Guardian?

Heaven’s Gates 818 AD

He ignored the warning signs, now Satan laughed and Heaven wept.

Jaw clenched, Zandraziel’s large, midnight wings lay pinned to his back. They’d been fighting the same war, over and over. Something had to change.

Silence thundered painfully in the deserted corridor. Even his noiseless strides—eating up the endless path they trod upon—was an affront. Tears of crimson seeped in from all sides, like a spiderweb, slowly overtaking the shining gold veins in the pristine white marble covering the walls and walkway all around them.

This travesty should never have happened.

“Why do we walk? Are you not eager to witness my punishment?” Ezayzel sneered. His black hair was matted with the blood of his brethren, and striations of bright silver in his black wings had absorbed the blood, turning them a deep red.   

Ezayzel raised his bound wrists, smeared with the remnants of putrid demon icor, and wiped the sweat and grime from his face. “No answer?”

Zandraziel met the betrayer’s defiant stare. Ezayzel’s black eyes, which normally shone with brilliant shards of silver, sparked red. A reflection of the blood he’d spilled? Had to be. Still, it was disturbing.

Fury surged, then was replaced with satisfaction when Ezayzel shivered.

Yes, as an archangel Zandraziel could easily transport them to their destination with just a thought, so why hadn’t he?

Zandraziel forced himself to relax. It wouldn’t do to let anyone, especially Ezayzel, know how badly he’d been shaken. His desire to make the other angel pay didn’t matter. Things had to be done in a certain way. Rules had to be followed. It was even more crucial at this time of unrest.

They passed one of many vast elysian fields, the final resting place for those who’d lived and died and did so in such a manner that they earned a place in Heaven. They were happy, peaceful places, and though Zandraziel could enter, as an angel he didn’t belong. Still, to wander from one to the other, to let the calm content nature seep in was often refreshing. Needed even. But now, for the first time, the sight of children laughing and giggling, dogs playfully chasing each other, cats grooming themselves, and adults holding hands with their loved ones, failed to ease his soul. Instead, it fueled the wild burn.

Those souls had no clue how close they’d come to having their very existence ended.


…. As always, Sheri-Lynn Marean knows how to rock my socks off! …. ~Sandra Hould

…I LOVE this series. Dragons, Archangels, good guys, bad guys… The characters are well thought out, developed and show an amazing propensity to evolve. Ms. Marean is extremely skilled at weaving an emotional rollercoaster ride of a story. I laughed (a lot!), cried (get a box of tissues ready!), cheered, hissed, wanted to reach in an shake a couple of characters and fell in love over and over. This book contains enough backstory and focused resolution to be read as stand alone, but why!?! You’re going to want to read this series from start to finish. … a sign of a great book… you get to the last page and scream “Noooooooooooo! I want more!” If you love reading JR Ward, Patricia Briggs, Gena Showalter or Deborah Cooke, you need to add Sheri-Lynn Marean to your “Next to be loved list.” ~ Daewalker1

5 Stars***** Omg!!!! I LOVED Zander’s story!!!!
Or as Genna might say “Zander Daddy” is So Worth Reading, and It Be Awesome!!! Sheri-Lynn Marean has always brought such excitement and passion to all the characters of her Dracones Series, but Zanders was Epic!! ~Sharon Richmond

Just wow! …I love that all the characters are present in this book and they go on this journey with Zander or should I say because of Zander… there will be hard times, sad times, dark times along with happiness, joy, rebirth or excitement. Tough choices will be made… the future for some will change and for others it may stay the same. Uncertainty will dog a few other characters but Redemption will come at a price. Loved this book. ~KarmelRead2665

Guardian really is the epitome of what a paranormal/fantasy romance should be. An archangel, the Fallen, Druid witches, dragon shifters, yup this book has it all. Then add in a great romantic tale with perfect leads in Zander and Chloe and I end up sad I can only give it five stars. ~ The Mysterious

Wow just wow what a great series. Zander story pulled me right in. I couldn’t put it down it had me on the edge of my seat I cried and laughed and I cheered them on… ~mflora