We-the Authors of the Feisty Heroines romance collection are getting super excited as release day approaches! Feisty Releases on June 16th, and there are a ton of wonderful stories in this collection. That being said, I can’t wait for you to read mine; The Dragon Assassin’s Sunstryker. It is a new ‘In’ to a spinoff in my 52 Realms that I plan to write about genetically engineered dragon shifters raised and trained to be assassins. 🙂

If you haven’t already grabbed your copy, then please do so, it’s only .99 cents, and you get a free bundle of books from the Authors in thanks, so 60+ stories for .99 cents!!! Also, you’ll be helping us achieve our goals of hitting USAT and the proceeds go to those helping fight Covid 19. (The International Red Cross & The American Association of Critical Care Nurses)