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League of Supernatural Assassins Shared World

When given a target, you take the shot … 

… or suffer the consequences.

As genetically created beings raised to be assassins, they knew nothing of love or compassion. They were trained to fight, obey orders, and kill. Those that didn’t, never lasted long. 

Yet despite their upbringing, some of them were given siblings which they learned to love and sought to protect. Those not given this opportunity found themselves either confused by their fellow assassins, in contempt of them, or outright jealous. 

So, when one of the League’s top assassin’s escapes with her little brother, it leads to questions. Why did she leave the only place she knew? How did she pull it off?

But when she returns with a mate, threatens the life of their creator if he doesn’t leave them alone, and he backs down, it leaves them all shocked. 

Even if they wanted to gain their freedom, where would they go? More importantly, is there a mate out there for them, and if so, how will they know when they meet that person? 

Get it now and join the league as they navigate the bloody waters of finding a new life. 


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