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First, my books have been brought into our local library, saw them there the other day. Plus, I recently got them into Coles bookstore in Nelson and Cranbrook! A good friend of mine and fellow author, Cherine Klassen, was up in Nelson the other day and took a photo of them on the shelf. 🙂

I’ve just been asked to do an interview for out local newspaper on the release of bk3…and I am expecting the cover for bk3 any day now…where I will send out my very first newsletter. Yes, I finally figured out how to do one, lol. So if you haven’t already signed up, make sure you do so…I am also thinking of doing a very different kind of contest, maybe give away a few wolf prints…?

I had some help with fixing up my website from a friend and fellow author, Valerie Comer~thanks Val, you rock! Now, I know how to do and change some stuff on here without messing up, or at least if I mess up, I’m starting to learn how to fix it, lol.

Book 4, Dracones Thaniel is presently with my beta readers and I am already getting wonderful, excited feedback from them about it. If all goes well, I plan to release it in Jan/Feb of 2017…and for you Soroyan lovers out there, I have started his book and hope to release it in spring of 2017….I have many-many more to write, no end in sight…

Here at home, we’ve recently added some additions to our family, of the feline variety, lol, and love them to pieces, while our wonderful golden retriever, Wally doesn’t know what to think of these furry little critters that jump all over him.

On a proud, but a little sadder note, my oldest is growing up too fast. We go to Calgary at the end of Oct to the SAIT open house where he wants to go next year, gulp.

If anyone is interested in becoming part of my ARC team, here is a sign up for the form:
you might have to copy and past, as I can’t seem to get the link to work.

Thought I’d share a few pictures of my workspace, with some of my artwork behind me…the large colorful one is a work in progress…and the pic of my books in the library and at Coles! img_4951img_4952my-books-in-colesme-at-library-with-books

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