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A thousand years ago, the Ilyium and dragonkind co-existed, neither friend nor foe, until one horrific moment in time that changed everything.

All dragonkind are born with a deeply ingrained calling to protect the innocent. As Primalthorn, the Ultimate Guardian, it becomes Skulla’s duty to preserve his dying race as well. But with his responsibility comes a great burden as he’s tasked with ending the lives of those on the verge of going rogue.

Year after lonely year, only his obligations keep Skulla clinging to sanity, until the day he meets his mate. Kiah-thorn brings light back into his darkened soul.

With the lives of not only dragonkind but his family at stake, Skulla is hesitant when the Ilyium call on him for assistance. For his choices may just end all dragonkind.

Get Dracones Primalthorn and delve into the magical world or dragonkind to learn how the curse on the Dracones came to be. For readers of any age, and can be read before or after Dracones awakening.