1~Dracones Awakening CLEAN VERSION ~ Digital ebook


“A book that will stay with you.” -Sherrilyn Kenyon

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This is the CLEAN VERSION of Dracones Awakening in Ebook/digital

Her father has vanished … her dragon powers are waking up…

… and Jax refuses to believe they are soulmates.

As Tierney unravels the mystery of her dad’s disappearance, she discovers a web of secrets, along with one scared kitty.

Jax thinks the worst thing that could happen is losing control of the primal power of his dragon that’s inside him, especially as it continues to grow stronger each day. What if he harmed someone who doesn’t deserve it? Someone like Tierney?

Yet, when faced with a malevolent presence that threatens to tear apart their world, Jax realizes there are far worse monsters out there than him. In order to protect all he holds dear, he must make a heart-wrenching decision. For Tierney, he will do anything, but will this decision cost him his life?

Don’t miss out on this electrifying tale where time ticks away as emotions run high. Grab your copy now and let your heart soar.

★★★★★ Download and discover why readers call this the best, fast-paced, thrilling page-turner with a different take on fantasy and paranormal shifters.