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A newly awakened Dracones with tenuous control of his powers, Samarias barely survived her the first time. Now she’s back.

Coldly rejected by Hellfire, his soul mate, Sami struggles with a reason to live. He finds that reason after rescuing one of the very special and rare Genesis Dracones. With an unexpected second chance at happiness, he’s determined to make it work.

An unforgivable betrayal has pushed Hellfire, a fiery Phoenix, to stand alone against the world. She vows never to allow a man into her heart again. Not even one who makes her knees weak, and her heart pound like thunder.

Only now, her sister is in danger and Hellfire is frantic to rescue her. With no other choice, she seeks assistance from the only male who can help them. The same one she heartlessly tossed away. Sami. Knowing she may lose her sister is heartbreaking enough, but is it possible she’ll lose more than that to the man who wants to claim her heart?

For fans of Richelle Mead, and those who love a large cast of characters, this is Book 3 in the Dracones series for readers of any age. If you love Paranormal Romance and tales of prophesy filled with love, hate, betrayal, broken promises, Dragons, Werewolf and Phoenix Shifters, Druid witches, and other immortal creatures, get Dracones Betrayed now, and hold your breath as you portal into the magical realm of Tartaria, on an adventure full of discovery.