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Sold By : Paranormal Romance Author Sheri-Lynn Marean SKU: dracones3 Category:


He barely survived her the first time…

…now she’s back…

When Phoenix shifter Hellfire shows up seeking Sami’s help to find her sister, he’s torn. She heartlessly tossed him away, and he’s finally picked up the pieces of his life. He’s trying really hard to move on. Plus, he now has two more people relying on him.

He can’t leave, can he?

Yet, as Sami catches a glimpse of Hellfire’s own secrets, he quickly realizes there’s more at stake than just a missing phoenix. Faced with impossible choices, what will he do?

Hang on tight because this whirlwind of prophecy, hate, and betrayal will sweep you into another realm teeming with immortal creatures and devastating consequences as we discover if Sami will ever find happiness.

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