4~Dracones Thaniel MFM Dragon & Leopard Shifter


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*Content Advisory* There’s an MFM relationship that deals with abuse in this sweet haunting story.

When your instincts scream run … .you should listen.

Thaniel made a mistake. After a life of abuse, he knew better than to trust anyone.

He didn’t understand why the pretty girl wanted to befriend him, but life on the street is lonely, and she appeared harmless. How could he have known she’d turn him into a monster with fur and fangs?

While struggling to control the deadly beast inside him, Spokane’s pack of were-wolves claim Thaniel as their whipping boy. It isn’t until he’s finally defeated, that three strangers appear. They offer safety, a home … love. But when you’ve been abused and tricked to the point that you’re broken, how do you know if it’s safe to trust, to believe? His new friends seem sincere … does Thaniel dare to take one more chance?

 Get it now, and discover the healing power of love. 

For fans of Laurell K Hamilton, JR. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Lora Leigh.

 “Download and discover why fans call this an unexpected love story of forgiveness and acceptance.”

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