6~Dracones Guardian



An archangel born without emotion is sent to patrol the fallen …

…and finds love.

Devastated when his happiness is destroyed, Zander vows to protect those he has left—his children.

For the next fourteen years that’s his only goal.
Until he meets his sexy neighbor.

Zander resists the attraction. Chloe’s human and his world is dangerous—a new enemy has arisen. As he prepares for this latest threat, it becomes clear there may be more to Chloe than he first believed.
Yet if he accepts what’s between them, he could lose her. If he doesn’t, he could lose everything he holds dear.

Dare he take the leap?

Join Zander and his quirky family in this dark, magical romance full of twists and turns that’ll leave you craving more.

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*Can be read as a standalone.